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User Settings

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Only basic user parameters are customized in the control panel. Personal data (profile fields, for example, avatar) is edited in the public section of the site when viewing profile.


E-mail, name and password (twice) are specified here. Password is required only if you would like to change it, but not during editing. Moreover, a user can change one’s password in the profile settings on the site.

Access Permissions

Here, you can assign special roles for a particular user. At the moment, there is only one role - «Administrator». Users with this role have an access to the Control Panel and absolutely all functions of the site (including viewing, editing and deleting any kind of content).


Each user may belong to one or several groups. Herewith, access permissions that are specified for each group are united. In other words, if any action is allowed for at least one group, it will be allowed to a user too.


Administrator can block a user for a certain period of time (if there is a specified date in the «Block until» field) or infinitely.

You can provide an explanation in the «Blocking reason» field.

A blocked user will not be able to log in. After a log in attempt one will be shown a message on blocking reason and expiry date (if specified). Herewith, a user will be able to view the site anonimously (as a guest).

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