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"User Profile" Component

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The component manages the communication between users and user profile appearance.


Profile Fields

In this section you can add, edit, delete and reorder personal data fields in user profiles. The field settings are completely identical to those that are described Here.

Profile Tabs

Here you can edit and reorder profile tabs. You can disable unnecessary tabs.

Tab Description
Stream Displays your recent activities in profile view. Displays user’s activities when viewing his/her profile.
Friends Displays a list of user’s friends with filter options
Groups Displays groups (clubs) whose member a user is
Reputation Displays a list of user reputation assessments with explanations


Here you can configure additional display options for the user list, user profiles and interaction between them. Each option’s purpose is assumed to be quite clear due to the name.


Here you can provide additional permissions to various user groups.

The «Reputation assessment» rule defines whether this group’s members can assess the profiles of other users (assess reputation). Keep in mind that at least one group should have this permission. If you deselect all checkboxes, you will get a 404 error while saving.

You can ask to comment the reputation assessment. Enable it on the «Sociality» tab in the «Options» section.


In this section you can create the user migration rules to move users from one group to another (for example, from the “New users” group to the “Verified” group). Each rule has a number of conditions. Upon verification (which is specified in the Scheduler once in 24 hours by default) each user is compared to these conditions and once they coinside, migration will be initiated.

More: Create a Migration Rule

Profile Field Types

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