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User Administration

Control panelUsers

All authorized users are displayed in this Control panel section.

There is a tree on the left.

Upon selecting a folder in the tree, a table that contains a list of related entries appears to the right of it.

There are option buttons above the user list.

Option Description
Filter Opens the filter dialog window for you to specify conditions for each Profile Field. The conditions specifying mechanism is the same as in the content type Datasets.
Add user Opens the Add User form
Add group Opens the Add Group form

Additional options appear, if other than «All» group is selected in the tree.

Option Description
Edit group Opens the Edit Group form
Group rights Opens the group edit form in the «Access» tab
Delete group Deletes a group, however, users are not deleted and are still available in the «All» group

Name, e-mail, registration date, reputation and rating of each of them are shown in the user list. Blocked users are marked by a highlighted lock icon.

Each user has an access to three options: profile viewing, editing, deleting.

:!: User deletion presupposes deletion of all user’s content and uploaded files. This may disrupt site integrity, that is why complete deletion of active users is not recommended. Use blocking instead. For more information, look here.

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