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Menu Management

«Control panel» ⇒ «Menu»

All available site menus are displayed in this control panel section.

There is a tree on the left side. Its root folders are menus. There are menu items inside them. Some items may contain other nested items.

When selecting a menu (or a menu item) all child menu items are shown in the tree to the right.

InstantCMS allows to create an unlimited number of menus with any number of nested items.

Each menu item may contain a link of one of the three types:

Link type Description Example
External A link to another website http://www.yandex.ru/
Internal A link to an existing page on your site. It is specified without an initial slash in reference to the site’s root. If InstantCMS has been installed into a subfolder, a link is specified in reference to it (the folder is not specified). articles/roza-2.html
Special A link that contains Special Tag. When displaying this type of menu item on the site, the tag may either be automatically replaced by a real link, or add nested items to a currently selected item. {content:articles}

Special Menu Items – a complete list and details.

Show Menu on Site

The easiest way to display a menu on the site is to use a corresponding Widget.

Alternatively, you can call a menu by adding a shortcode into the theme code:

<?php $this->menu('menu_name'); ?>

where «menu_name» is menu system name (it is specified upon adding a menu, contains Latin letters and numbers).

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