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Content Management

«Control Panel» ⇒ «Content»

All content that is available on the site is displayed in this control panel section.

There is a tree on the left side. Its root folders are Content Types Inside them, there are folders that represent categories (if they are enabled in the content type Settings)

After selecting a folder in the tree, a table that contains a list of related entries appears to the right of it. Clicking on any row of the table will highlight that particular element. Several options are available for the highlighted elements (with the help of buttons above the table)

Option Description
«Move» A dialog window will open for you to select another category. All highlighted entries will be moved into it
«Delete» Highlighted entries will be permanently deleted.

Other options do not require selection:

Option Description
«Filter» Opens the filter dialog window for you to specify conditions of each of the fields. The conditions specifying mechanism is the same as in Datasets.
«Settings» Opens the current content type Settings form
«Add categories» Opens the Add Category form
«Order» Opens a dialog window that contains the category tree. You can drag up, down or place any tree element inside another element. This is how categories are sorted.
«Add entry» Opens the current content type entry add form

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