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Custom Content Type

Control panelContent typesAdd content type

Upon creation (or editing) of a new content type, first of all the Settings tab opens, the fields of which are considered on this page.

General Settings

System name

Content type name that consists of Latin letters and numbers. This name is used:

  • in the names of tables that contain content of a given type in the database
  • in URLs of entries of a given content on the site

Each content type system name should be unique. It is prohibited to use names that coinside with component names (for example, admin, users, search, etc.).


Title is shown in the content list view on the site. For example, Articles, Photo albums.


Short text description is shown only in the list of content types in Control panel.


Options that determine how to publish the content after creation or editing: immediately of after moderation.


Enable categories

Allows to create categories for content of a given type. You can choose a category upon adding en entry. Custom categories are available for administrators and users with corresponding permission which is set up in the Access settings.

Cross-cutting view of categories

If enabled, in category view, not only its contents, but the contents of its subcategories is shown.

Association with Groups

Create in groups

If enabled, when adding an entry of a given content, a user can bind it to one of the groups (clubs) whose member a user is.

Create only in groups

Similar to the previous option, however, binding is obligatory. Thus, if a user is not a member of either of the groups, one will not be able to add an item of a given type.


Allow to post comments to items of a given content type


Allow to rate items of a given content type


Options that allow to enable tags for items of a given content type. Tags can be shown when viewing an item (for example, one article) or a list of items.

SEO Meta-Information

Options that allow to enable automatic generation of keywords and meta-description for each entry. They are generated on the basis of the Description Field which is created for each content type.

If automatic generation is disabled, a user will be shown manual input fields upon adding an entry.

URL Settings

Generate URL from title

If enabled, URL of each item of a given content will be automatically generated from the ID and title of this item.

For example:

Content Type: articles (Articles)
Article title: Why stream of consciousness is traditional?
Generated URL: /articles/7-pochemu-tradicionen-potok-soznanija.html
Keep URL unchanged when editing an item

Allows to keep item URL unchanged even when the title is changed.

List View

Enable list view on the site

Controls the visibility of a list of content items on the site. If disabled, the list of items (for example, a list of articles) will be unavailable, however, one will be able to view one item (for example, one article).

Enable list view in user profiles

Show all content of a given type that was added by user in the Content tab of user’s profile.

Show filter

If enabled, the filter by Fields is shown above the list of items.

Item View

Allows to disable one item view (for example, one article), but enables list view (for example, a list of articles). Herewith, the titles of items in the list cease to be links to a full text.

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