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"Comments" Component

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Component allows to apply comments to any content. Commenting should be enabled in the Settings of each content type for the component to begin accepting feedbacks and showing them when viewing corresponding pages, articles, posts, advertisements, etc.

An overall list of comments on the site is available at http://your-site/comments. In the list view, you can filter comments with the help of an embedded filter.

Multilevel comment answers are available (they are displayed with the corresponding indents under the comments to which they were posted, in order of their appearance).

Keep in mind that a comment is not actually deleted from the database, but is not displayed (to be more exact, the «This comment has been deleted» caption is displayed). Deleted comments do not appear in the overall list. You have to deal with the database to completely delete comments in current version.


Here you can specify comment management rights for different user groups.

The “View private comments” rule allows to view comments to all entries that were hidden from public view (were posted “only for friends”).

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