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Access Management

Control panelContent typesChoose typeAccess

You can allocate permissions to any user group for each content type.

The table below contains all available permission rules and user groups.

The meaning of the majority of rules is clear from their names, however, some of them need to be explained.

Maximum number of items

The number of content items that members of a particular group can add. Once the limit is reached, adding of entries will be suspended. The rule makes sense only if the «Add content» option is enabled for this group. If the field is empty or contains «0», an unlimited value is used.

Visibility management

If enabled, a user will be able to hide one’s entries from public and post them for friends only.

View others’ private entries

Allows a user to view all entries including hidden entries of users that are not his friends.

Choose publication start date

If allowed, a user will be able to select a date upon adding an entry (both future and past). Otherwise, current date will be used. The entry hides automatically, if a future date has been selected. Hidden entries are available in author's profile.

Choose publication end date

Options «No» / «Days» / «Any date». If the «Days» option is selected, a user can enter a number of days during which the entry will be published. If «Any date” is selected, a user will have to provide an exact publication end date.

Maximum publication period

Used in combination with the «Days» option from the previous rule. If there is a number, a user will not be able to choose a period exceeding the specified one.

Extend publication period

Allows a user to change the publication end date once the record is created.

Disable publication

Allows a user to hide/post entries at any time without date customization.

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