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"Sitemap Generator" Component

Control panelComponentsSitemap Generator


The component by schedule generates the Sitemaps — site map — special XML-files containing information for search engines.


A checkbox set of components on your site for which the sitemap data has to be generated.

Scheduler task

The component works on a schedule. The «Sitemap generation» task is responsible for execution. You can edit this task in the Control panel, however, it is recommended to edit (if necessary) only the task execution period and/or the task name.

Xml file storage

All generated xml files are stored in the /cache/static/sitemaps/ directory. The main (index) file is called sitemap.xml. The links on all other site map files are stored in it in a special way, according to the documentation. The rest of the files, in which the site content is described, are named according to the scheme:


for example, for user profiles:


If there are more than 45000 entries (50000 according to the documentation or 10 Mb of data), the engine will split the data into several files.

:!: It is important to understand that afterall the sitemap main (index) file’s address can differ from its full storage path. In other words, the file is physically stored at /cache/static/sitemaps/sitemap.xml, while in a browser it is available at mysite.ru/sitemap.xml as required by specification. There is a line in the .htaccess file in the root directory of the site that makes it possible:

RewriteRule ^sitemap(.*).xml$ /cache/static/sitemaps/sitemap$1.xml [L]

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