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"Moderation" Component

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Component implements moderator’s panel on the site. You can Assign Moderators in the settings of each content type.

A moderator has an access to a special section on the site - Moderation. In this section, he sees all the content pending his review. After reviewing an entry, a moderator can allow to post it. It becomes available on the site and its author gets a posting notification. Inside the entry, there is a note that tells which moderator has approved its posting.

Create an item in any menu and enter {moderation:panel} in the “Links” field to make a link lead to the Moderation section. If a user doesn’t moderate neither of the content types, the item will not be shown to him. If there are no entries pending moderation, the item will not be displayed as well. If there are entries, their number will be displayed next to the item.

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