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“Image Uploading” Component

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Any image in InstantCMS is managed by means of presets. Preset is a predefined set of image processing properties. The engine converts the source image in accordance with the parameters that are specified in presets (for example, an image that is uploaded by a user through the site form).

Each preset has a unique system name. You can create an unlimited number of them and they may have similar parameters. We recommend to determine the presets and their number at the outset of site creation. It is not recommended to delete presets unless you are sure that a preset isn’t used anywhere, for example, in widgets or components. However, if you delete a preset, you can always create it anew with the same system name.

Pay attention. Dimensions that are specified in presets are used for image conversion, for example, upon uploading. Thus, don’t think that image dimensions on the site will change, if in some time you update dimensions in some preset.

Preset Settings

Upon adding a preset you can provide:

  • System name;
  • Preset title (first and foremost it should be clear to you)
  • Image dimensions - width and height in pixels;
  • The generated image should be square;
  • Image qaulity in percent;
  • Apply watermark by uploading a file and specifying its location.

Pay attention! If you don’t check «Square», you can skip setting the width and height of images. In this case, the engine will resize only the given image side, regardless of image orientation, whereas the opposite side will be resized proportionally. Thus you can set the precise height and width of generated images.

The image converter can automatically rotate images if the EXIF information of the image contains data about its orientation (by the Orientation field)

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