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Component manages groups (communities) which the site users can join. Such communities were called “clubs” in the first branch of InstantCMS. However, they have nothing in common with the system User Groups.

Initially, groups maintain such functions as:

  • Creation (a user that has created a group automatically becomes its “creator” - owner).
  • Assignment of group administrators that have invitation and group administration privileges.
  • Editing of a minor set of data (title, description, acceptance policy, invitations and wall usage).
  • Invitation and exclusion of group members (either only an owner, or an owner and admins, or all group members can invite to a group).
  • Attaching media and posting on the group wall according to the group rules.
  • Running group blogs that are subject to the group, but not the site rules.
  • Creation, filling and commenting group photo album.
  • Only group owner and site administrator can delete a group.

It is assumed that additional custom group functional will be finalized on a certain web-platform whenever necessary. Unfortunately, groups don’t have an instrument similar to the content fields and user profile fields so far.


Each group is managed on the group page.

The component control panel has 2 sections.

The “Options” section allows to edit group display settings.

The “Access” section allows to set rights to create, edit or delete groups for different users.

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