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"Authorization and Registration" Component

Control panelComponentsAuthorization and registration


Component is in charge of authorization, new user registration and all that goes with it (for example, password recovery).


"Registration" Tab

Show captcha to prevent spam registrations

If enabled, captcha will be displayed on the registration page.

Confirm e-mail upon registration

If enabled, an e-mail with a special link is sent to a user after registration. A user will not be able to authorize (log in under one’s name) until one follows the link. This mode allows to guarantee that a user has provided an e-mail address that really belongs to him.

"Authorization" Tab

Show captcha after log in failure

If enabled, after the first log in failure (when an incorrect e-mail or password has been provided upon signing in) in subsequent attempts a user will be challenged with captcha protection. This helps to protect accounts from password attack.

"Restrictions and Limitations" Tab

In this tab you can specify filters by e-mail, nickname or IP of new users. If a user provides an e-mail or a nickname that comes within the filter, one will be refused of registration. This concerns his IP address as well.

You can enter one filter per line in each field.

You can use the substitution «*» symbol that stands for any sequence of symbols.

For example, the filter by *@mail.ru e-mail will block registration of all mailboxes with the mail.ru domain.

These settings allow to protect from:

  • using e-mail addresses of various «temporary» mail services;
  • using obscene nicknames or nicknames implying site administration membership;
  • registrations from IP addresses belonging to certain bots or unwanted persons.
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