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Introduction to Component Integration

In InstantCMS, there are components (controllers) that can be used by other components of the engine. These include such components as «RSS generator», «Search», «Activity feed», «Sitemap generator» and so on.

Such components can be devided into two separate types:

  • embeddable
  • serving

Embeddable components are, for example, «Components», «Rating». Serving components include «RSS Generator», «Search» and similar.

For example, the «Comments» component can work on any engine’s page and supplement the current component’s features with a commenting option.

While the «RSS Generator» component, for instance, serves the needed component. In other words, its purpose is to output rss feeds on the basis of relevant data.

Therefore, embeddable components can be integrated into any custom component, while serving components can use data provided by your component to realize their features.

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