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InstantCMS2 Core

An InstantCMS2 core is a set of files in the /system/core/ directory. Classes, which are required for proper functioning of the CMS and in which the basic logic of work is generated, are declared in the files. The basic scheme of work of the CMS is described in this section.

File title Purpose Description
action.php Service class for controller actions cmsAction
backend.php Class for control panel controllers cmsBackend
cache.php Class for caching cmsCache
cachefiles.php Class for caching in files cmsCacheFiles
cachememory.php Class for caching by means of Memcache cmsCacheMemory
config.php Class for common engine configuration cmsConfig
controller.php Basic class for all controllers, including backend cmsController
core.php The main CMS file, in which all work starts cmsCore
database.php Class for database (lower level) cmsDatabase
eventsmanager.php Class for InstantCMS event system cmsEventsManager
form.php Basic class for all engine forms cmsForm
formfield.php Basic class for all engine form fields cmsFormField
frontend.php Basic class for all frontend controllers cmsFrontend
mailer.php Class for mail cmsMailer
model.php Basic class for all controller models. Working with database (upper level). cmsModel
nestedsets.php Class for nested sets cmsNestedsets
permissions.php Class for user permissions cmsPermissions
request.php Class for requests cmsRequest
template.php Class for template system cmsTemplate
updater.php Class for InstantCMS updates
uploader.php Class for file uploads cmsUploader
user.php Class for current visitors of the website and its data cmsUser
widget.php Class for widgets cmsWidget

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