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Files and Folders

Each component has its own folder inside /system/controllers.

For example, the files of the groups (User groups) component are located in the /system/controllers/groups folder:

There are several nested folders and files in the component folder:

  • actions - frontend-controller’s action files
  • backend - files related to the component’s administrative part
  • forms - files containing descriptions of input forms used in the frontend-controller
  • hooks - hook files (event processors)
  • backend.php - main file of the component’s backend-controller
  • frontend.php - main file of the component’s frontend-controller
  • custom.php - file that overrides and/or supplements the component’s frontend-controller
  • manifest.php - file with the component description (manifest)
  • model.php - component model

All listed files and folders are optional. The component always contains only those that implement needed logic. For example, there can be only a model or a frontend-controller.

Component Templates

Templates related to a component are stored in the /templates/{theme title}/controllers/{component title} folder.

Frontend-template files are located in the root of this folder. Backend-template files are located in the nested backend folder.

For example, frontend-templates of the groups component are stored in /templates/default/controllers/groups, while backend-templates are stored in /templates/default/controllers/groups/backend.

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