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Working with a Model

This page considers how to manage a controller model, i.e. its linking and method request. The model’s inner structure is considered in the corresponding section.

Linking a Custom Model

The component automatically detects if there is a custom model when requesting a controller. Once detected, the following object is created:


This object is automatically created when launching a controller and is available from any of its methods as well as from its actions located in separate files.

An example of using a model inside a controller:

$latest_posts = $this->model->orderBy('date_pub', 'desc')->limit(10)->getPosts();

Linking a Custom Model

A controller can also use other component’s model.

A static cmsCore::getModel() core method is used to receive custom model’s instance. The title of a component, the model of which is to be received, is passed to it as an argument.

For example, to get a model of the users component:

// We get the model of the users component
$users_model = cmsCore::getModel('users');
// We get data from the model
$users = $users_model->getUsers();

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